It’s a can. It’s a USB. It’s Gladiator!

Not sure if it’s available in the U.S. but what a lifesaving idea for around the office. Well according to this office setting. Honestly it seems like a catch though. When a product can serve more than it’s original purpose there’s something special about it. Although, maybe this means the energy drink side of the product is lacking? Then again what if you have so much energy from the drink you can’t resist crushing the can? Is the USB then lost?


So Guys Doing Parkour is the New Land Rover?

They do front flips off cliffs. Jump twists off rocks. And slide to and fro. Just like an SUV should right? Don’t see to many spots for vehicles without the vehicles which gives this spot an interesting edge….

Ever Play Find The Bottle?

Perrier’s new Secret Bottle campaign includes this very cool interactive site in which you navigate through an elaborate party including a hip band, dancing, bars with “outgoing” bartenders, high-stakes poker games and other shenanigans. The key is to switch to as many different point-of-views as possible in order to find the secret bottle of Perrier. No idea why it’s so secret, but this is a very interesting approach to developing some intrigue for a classy brand.

Let’s S@#* Our Pants!

Kmart’s got em all talking. Funny how changing a couple letters can make all the difference!

That Paper Fortune Teller Game: Adidas NEO style

That Paper Fortune Teller Game: Adidas NEO style

Check out this very creative website by Adidas NEO that brings back that pick your poison game I always tended to lose back in high school. “Live Your Style” ┬áreflects the idea of the site well and the option to click on the guys or girls in the different scenes to check out their gear and potentially buy it is very cool. Catchy tune too…

Ooooohhhhh Yeaaaahh Kool-Aid Guy’s back!

Bout dang time. and hope he brought summer with him

And note the changes from one of his appearances over thirty years ago

More Mayhem

Gotta be prepared for anything according to All-State. Even rocket propelled wrecking balls. Really smart how these spots continue to use shock value with the antics of the Mayhem dude to grab viewer’s attention. I wonder what other odd disasters could happen to my home or vehicle that Allstate will take care of? Freak attack of small, sticky children? A boxing legend taking out the frustrations of his most recent tax audit? Hmmmmmmmmmm?