This is a wicked awesome site for checking out the latest and greatest websites. Here’s a couple I just checked out that utilize your webcam and facebook pages. The first, is Nike’s creepy new interactive website for the new 2010 Air Jordan’s featuring Dwade Wade. You’ll be “tested” in a few areas, including agility and focus, and your overall ranking will be shown at the end along with your webcam picture. If you can maintain your composure, this nightmare will end.
The second site I checked out was Stella Artois’s which is based on a dramatic short film featuring an invitation to inherit the “recently deceased” Jaques d’Azur’s weekend at the Cannes Film Festival. The ingenius site accesses your facebook pics, along with your friends, (with your permission of course) and places the pics in the short film as “suspects” in the investigation. I’m starting to see slightly more and more sites like this one which pulls in your facebook pics and actually brings you into the website, incidently, the brand. Very cool way of interacting not to mention keeping the audience “involved”.