There’s definitely a chance. A strong possibility. An advantage Kansas City has in getting Google to bring their ultra high speed connection here. Within the last two weeks I’ve witnessed firsthand GoogleKC’s supporters go from just a handful to thousands. This includes city council members, city managers, congressmen, small business owners, the Kauffman Foundation, UMKC, local filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. There’s even a GoogleKC headquarters now located at 19th and Wyandotte in the KC Crossroads district. Now that’s showing some support.
What’s also giving us an edge is we’re finding more and more reasons why Kansas City is one of the best cities in the nation to be considered. Once again, our location tends to lie at the top of that list. Since it’s founding, KC has always been known as the crossroads of our nation. Where people, goods, livestock and ideas would travel through the heartland via horse, railroad, automobile or boat. Our country was growing larger and more successful through a city built on grounds of communication and connections. The area was the birthplace to the Pony Express, the Pikes Peak Express Company and Union station which became the second (to Chicago) busiest train center in the country, and still is. We’re also the 2nd largest city according to land mass, 5th best in telecommuting, owner to the 2nd most wealthiest county in the U.S. and have recently began efforts for a recovery fueled “Green Impact Zone” supported by a local congressman in efforts to create green jobs, retrofitted energy-efficient homes, and a green transportation system.
It’s no question that having an ultra high-speed broadband connection at the heart of all this would certainly prosper. And given our past in developing vital nationwide connections, it’s nothing new to the heartland. It’s simply another opportunity for the “next great thing to start in KC”. Go to to learn more, sign the petition and find ways you can support.