So we got fountains. Kick-ass BBQ. Jazz. Cows and boulevards galore. But how about if KC had the fastest Internet on the planet? Believe it or not, this could be a dream come true if Google’s new ultra high-speed broadband network chooses Kansas City, MO to become its test market. With soaring speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s speediest KC connections, this “hook up” could drastically improve the speeds of downloads, uploads, photo sharing, online videos, online conferencing and allow multiple users easier access. Not to mention be the envy of the nation. So who in their right mind thinks this average sized, Midwestern metro could begin our country’s upgrade to the future? Google KC does that’s who!
It was February 10th when Google announced to the nation that it has secured a new Internet connection that is up to 100 times faster (1Gbs) than the average connection today. Since then, cities around the nation are rallying the troops to prove to Google that they are by far the perfect test market for their super sonic connection. Why are they doing it? Easy. Because they can. And the nation’s future depends on upgrading it’s broadband. Especially with the constant upgrading of computers, smartphones, software and hard drives, we’re going to need a more efficient and much faster way of handling online information.
So why KC you ask? Why wouldn’t they target the obvious high-profile tech hubs like San Francisco, Austin, or New York City? First of all it’s cheaper. Coal provides 82% of Missouri’s power giving the state the 10th lowest electricity prices in the nation. Second, due to it’s mines, the Kansas City area has more use of underground space than any other city in the country which can be used to store servers, lines and any infrastructure Google would need. Finally, and most importantly, Kansas City needs this. Not Seattle. Not Orlando. Kansas City is the crossroads of our nation, fits the bill for the classic, diverse Midwestern city that’s been established since the early 1800’s. Plus, the last 10 years of reviving downtown with the Power and Light District, Sprint Center, AMC Theatre and a variety of well kept neighborhoods and office buildings, this former cowtown has shown to become one of the leading cities for innovation, alongside Beijing and Barcelona, according to Fast Company Magazine in 2008. So if that’s not enough for Google to “hook up” KC, then it’s definitely enough to turn some heads in Silicon Valley.