I definitely had a few laughs last night while watching the game and they weren’t just at Peyton Manning’s interception and all the “who dat” fans out there in Miami. And I have to say I did catch myself taking bathroom breaks during the game rather than during the commercials as well. I mean who really watches the Super Bowl itself? There’s a couple standouts I liked here including Doritos “House Rules” and Google’s “Parisian Love”. From the drop of the video game controller, you can tell this kid in the Doritos spot ain’t no punk and don’t take no s*#@ from no one. I mean its very simple, “Keep your hands off my momma. Keep your hands off my Doritos.” Hilarious. As for Google, they prove there is a way to tell an intriguing story through the power of words. And it didn’t cost them 10 million to make. Regardless of the fact they don’t have a ton of competition beyond Bing and yahoo, they show how google almost answers questions for you and helps you find what you want. Even when, especially when, you aren’t quite sure. Nice. I also have to hand it to Snickers, Careerbuilder and Bud Light as well.

As far as the flops, Taco Bell’s “Barkley Box” and GoDaddy’s “Danica Massage” were just a couple I felt were a waste of 3 million bucks and I don’t want to waste any more space on my blog about them. Congrats Who Dat Nation!!