It’s without question that the interactive online world is growing each and every day. More and more clients find it vital to have a website where their target consumers are able to explore their brand on their own. However, lately more and more agencies are developing ways to interact with their consumers without the web. They are placing their brand in places where they are sure to find their expected target and finding ways to “interact” with them in an engaging manner. For example, here’s a method Coca Cola used to carry a message to some unexpected college students.

Coke’s message has always been about sharing and giving a Coke or “happiness”. This works well with creating a buzz among college students who need to be reminded about how much fun it is getting together and sharing a Coke.

This billboard is another example of how a pollution free Swedish resort covered their billboard with bubble wrap which claimed to contain air directly from the mountain within the bubbles. So just getting your normal “passer byer” to spend a couple more moments with your brand than normal, and a reason to interact and recall it always helps. Plus, who can resist bubble wrap?

Here’s an example of how Nokia got people to think about them in regards to navigation. Who knows, maybe some of them actually followed the arrow!

The World’s Biggest Signpost from adghost on Vimeo.

I’m sure this trend will continue as well as long as brands are able to find simple ways to interact with their target in the right places. Although we’re having more and more web and TV access wherever we go, it’s smart to find ways to engage consumers in a different way than their competitors could ever imagine.