Just as any inspiration seeking copywriter may do, I checked out the Clio Awards Reel last week hosted by the KC Art and Copy club and Sky Recording. The above was one of my favs for the simply the sheer fun it prompted within making this “once” rabbit go freakishly faster and faster. It made me think a little about what else they could do to make it even faster? Maybe after the ski lift the “scenario” plunges straight down off a seemingly never ending cliff. With 4 turbine engines. And super charged nitrous oxide boosters. Now that would be fast.

They actually opened the show with this classic Got Milk spot featuring the tongue tied Aaron Burr enthusiast who finds himself in a huge, dilemma when he doesn’t have milk. Who knows why the poor soul wouldn’t think to spit out his peanut butter sandwich filled mouth to cash in on big $$ but that’s the way the ad world works.

A fair amount of the award winning spots were chalked full of exhilarating special effects such this Coke one..

but another one of my favs, was a simpler one which actually aired during the 2008 Super Bowl. And I gotta say, sometimes simpler is just better.