Already. Whattaya know? Time flies.So thought I’d take a shot at a “What if” today and see how far that goes. Prob just take one of the suggestions I proposed from yesterday.
So what if the internet was to shut down for a day unexpectedly? There’d be no email, IM, blogging, googling, binging, facebooking, myspacing, twittering or even mapquesting. We’d be lost. All would be quiet. For a minute. Then chaos. The phones would probably blow up. Or maybe everyone would just go home and wait until the next day. Just think about how many emails we send, how many times we go online a day. Just think if we’d have to replace that with conventional methods of communication like phones, faxes or mail. Do we communicate more than we did 30 years ago or is it just the same but different methods? Good question. What was once a 20 minute phone conversation is now 5 minutes of texting. What was once a letter is now 4 or 5 email exchanges so who knows. It’ll probably never happen though. Unless Michael Jackson dies again.