..and it will be good. It will be prosperous. That’s right, new year, new decade means new blog entry. And it only took about, what 8 months or so? Not bad. Nevertheless, the blogging must go on and what better to start with than “2010”? It seems so futuristic doesn’t it? What do we call it? I’ve heard utters of “oh-ten” and “twenty ten” but seems like it should just be “ten” right? Sounds right. Just been a while since anyone’s seen it. So in about 20-30 years we’ll say something like, “remember back in 10 when we went on that road trip to Canada and got arrested at the border for not having a passport?” Or maybe even, “Man I remember back in year 10, you know, before pot was legal and Bush’s war was about over?” Something in that regard. Anyway that’s a start for the new decade.
So I’ve also thought of something that may, or may not assist in keeping the blog going a little more than a couple times a year. Something to get the ball rolling if I can’t think of much to write. Might help spark the creativity bug too. It’s called, “What if?”. Not sure how well it’ll work, if at all, but I’d start the post out something like “What if the internet was shut down for a day?” Or, “What if we couldn’t get sick?”. Obviously followed by a theory of sorts in regards to the inquiry. So maybe I’ll start with that tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow.