Yep. Started a blog. About damn time. Now I can tell everyone, “Check out my blog” and they may or may not check it out. Whatever. So what will I be blogging about? Good question. I thought  blog might be a good way to discuss randomness. A good way to show how I write. A good way to verbally vomit all over the page. Or a good way to teach what I know. Guess we’ll see.

I guess I figured blogging might be another way of being more savvy with social media. I just recently succumbed to the wrathe of twitter having facebooked, myspaced, meetuped, linked-ined, etc. Yeah they’re all different too. It’s interesting though how these mediums keep us more connected however, have begun to diminish our face time and phone time more and more. Not saying that’s bad. And it’s actually allowed us to express us in different ways. Ways we wouldn’t normally. For example, we wouldn’t normally picture the world famous biker, 7 time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong to let all his Twitter followers know what he’s “doing” every single hour of the day. Nor would we learn how to post messages on facebook and tailor them to a mass audience of your peers/colleagues/aquaintances/strangers. These social mediums have allowed us to communicate with more people, more quickly and more efficiently.

Working in advertising I’ve noticed these are methods more and more companies are using mainly because they are far less expensive than traditional ad methods and much more personal. Becoming facebook friends with an art gallery, coffee shop or music venue helps keep them top of mind just as I would any other friend.

So maybe I’ve added another social medium to my life. Maybe I’m looking for a place to store my ideas. Or maybe I’m just looking for attention. Regardless, the BK Blog has begun.